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radio Extrabrutt 89.1 La Falda - Cordoba - Argentina

Genre: MusicCountry: United StatesLanguage: English
Radio station is online now and ready to tune in!

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Comments (4)
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1.onlineNo User Avatarcande espeche
11:27am / 04 july . 2013

holizz pasen la cancion de charli garcia "inconciente colectivo" plisss me muearla.. muero x escucharla plissssss.. jajajaja (clap) (star) (beauty)

2.onlineNo User Avatarannia arrieta
03:09pm / 17 august . 2013

son unos master ustedes no paro de escucharlos(star) (lashes)

3.onlineNo User Avatarbren
05:23pm / 20 september . 2014

me anotas para ulices bueno brenda soria 347

4.onlineNo User Avatarday
05:25pm / 20 september . 2014

hola me pasas un temita de la mona gracias