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Lady Gaga For Nemiroff Vodka

02:21pm / 15 November . 2009
Lady Gaga For Nemiroff Vodka

Lady Gaga's new video "Bad Romance" has some product placement in it, and this time it is Nemiroff Vodka. Or shall We say Nemiroff’s Vodka new video? In Bad Romance, we get a flash of the bottle in the beginning then a second shot of it being poured into a glass at end.

Watching Lady's Gaga new video - Bad Romance, it seems like Nemiroff Vodka is the winner of the “most shoved in your face award”  hands down. You can see this vodka about seven times during video.

The product placement is EVERYWHERE in this video. Nemiroff Vodka is not only being shoved down GaGa’s throat in the video, but Lady GaGa chose to shove it down her fan’s throats. The Nemiroff vodka website says, "Nemiroff Lex is the vodka for the Great, the Successful, the Courageous, for those who change this world and hold it on their shoulders."


As said before Proudct placement is everywhere. Then you can see Lady GaGa’s mesh finger push the button on a Parrot by Starck iPod speaker. It is a $1,600 sound system for an iPhone or iPod.

After that we can see GaGa wearing a pair of her very own silver Lady Gaga Heartbeats head phones. These will  be about - $100.00 and they’re available on her website. Then THREE times you see GaGa wearing a pair of white “Safari” sunglasses by Carrera. There are a few smaller product placements in the video, but they are not as visible.

Gaga has a lot of young fans, what kind of message does this send? Many artists do this too, but this video wins the award for booze placement.

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1. offline joyce
07:04pm / 25 November . 2009


2. offline Tobias Hink
08:05am / 24 December . 2009

I totally agree, but a giant scoop for Nemiroff..! can't imagine they could have got at cheaper world-wide commercial which also segment its product directly to its target customers..

3. offline Deo (Eastern Europe)
03:10pm / 13 January . 2010

"Nemiroff "- Ukrainian Gorilka & GaGa= Success

4. offline lol
05:40pm / 20 April . 2010

lol so true

5. offline Irina
06:54pm / 03 November . 2010

She's stealing our vodka!! Oh no, lady gaga is pwned by us russians!!! LÖL!!! x'D

6. offline Dumb
01:36pm / 04 February . 2011

You really need a life. If you are so concerened about product on a video, you should take off some ads off your stupid site. Go watch a Disney movie you freak.

7. offline DanMoster
10:35am / 08 May . 2011

It would be great to taste that vodka, but the price should be high too.

8. offline lizy80
07:19pm / 21 June . 2011

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