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Electronic Music - Ambient

04:55pm / 08 July . 2009
Electronic Music - Ambient

It sound like a narcotic gas. Ambient - enveloping, circumfluent. Ambient style music consists of a multi-sounds, short excerpts of melodies, moderate plangent chords, plangent sounds that creates a feeling of space in the first place and only after some kind of memorable melody (or no). Impact of Ambient sound is intimidating, almost like in the Arab melodies. In short, everything sounds like a real part of the Dark Side Of The Moon, only with more advanced sound effects. Here's what Ambient Genre stands for in my opinion.

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1. offline briedis
07:43am / 10 August . 2009

And best ambient music bands, in your opinion? :)

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02:05am / 30 July . 2011

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